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Feochan Guest House

Bed and breakfast accommodation in Portree, Isle of Skye  -  Tel: 01478 613508

Cookies Policy

Portee Bay from the air


Feochan Guest House website uses Google Analytics which in turn uses cookies to see how may hits we get on the website. The details as far as we are aware are completely anonymous i.e. We now how may hits and when; but not WHO this visitor is (unless they have a publicly listed fixed IP address - which we DONT look up). We also use a cookie for the cookie warning notice at the bottom of the website home page to tell you and the web page if you dont want to see the cookie notice again.

If you are uncomfortable with the above you CAN turn off cookies in your browser or hand held device. Although we DONT recommend that you do this as it reduces the functionality of our website, there is a good guide at this location:-

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